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JaneA Kelley, Author, Educator, Mental Health AdvocateJaneA was raised by hippies who escaped the craziness of New York City to raise their kids in the fresh air and quiet of rural Maine. They have fond memories of working with their mother in the family's garden and long for the day when they can have enough space for a vegetable garden of their own. They lived with animals since the day they were born: the usual dogs and cats, but there were also chickens (including one called Superchicken because she escaped a poultry truck full of hens on the way to slaughter), goats, geese, and more. Ask them about Thomas and the feral bunnies (if you're not squeamish about predators and prey doing what comes naturally).


JaneA received a B.A. in English,  Magna Cum Laude (or, as they said back then, with high distinction), from the University of Maine, and half of a Master's Degree in English as well, thanks to a teaching assistantship. From that experience, they learned that they love public speaking and inspiring people to learn, but they did not like graduate-level study of creative writing.


They started their award-winning cat advice blog, Paws and Effect, in 2005, with a weekly post answering emails from readers with cat health and behavior questions. In the course of working on the blog, JaneA learned about SEO, email campaigns, and social media.


JaneA's work life has involved many business sectors but has always involved a writing component. They have worked with employers and clients in the fields of journalism, pet care, veterinary medicine, insurance, nonprofit organizations both large and small, healthcare and health policy, corporate venture capital, oncology and rare diseases, and mental health.


At the moment, JaneA lives with two cats--Belladonna, a short-haired black cat, age 11; and Tara, a short-haired tuxedo cat, age 13--in the Pacific Northwest. When they're not busy writing, they volunteer at a nearby cat rescue.  JaneA is proudly queer and non-binary and has extensive lived experience with both LGBTQ+ issues and mental health issues.


JProgress Pride flag with the intersex symbolaneA walks their talk when it comes to progressive values. JaneA will not tolerate or work with employers, colleagues, or clients who discriminate against others based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, sex, veteran status, or any other protected identity. If you encounter hate on this website or on JaneA's social platforms,  please contact them by messenger on that platform or by email at janea at janeakelley dot com.

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JaneA Kelley - Author, Educator, Mental Health Advocate

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